Travel Blogs: London Days 5 & 6

August 14, 2017


London UK Travel Photography // Our last few days in London, alas it was definitely tough to leave, but we managed to pack in some more good sightseeing on these last few days.

As a rabid Harry Potter fan, when one of my previous couples had let me know on their honeymoon that they were going to London, and going to the Harry Potter studio tour, this was the first thing I looked up after CJ and I booked our tickets. This was my chance to see the sets they had actually filmed those movies on, and all the props, costumes, and behind the scenes magic that went into it! The tour we had booked included transportation on a bus from London to the studio out in Watford, and so we headed to the station early Thursday morning!

To say that this studio tour was incredible is an understatement. I think my jaw was on the floor the entire time we were there, and y’all, I walked in the FREAKING GREAT HALL! I couldn’t take enough photos or videos (which videos from this trip are coming soon), and felt like I was whipping my head around every which way to see what was next. They didn’t hold back on anything, the props, the sets, the costumes and all the information that went along with it, I was honestly in heaven.

At the very end you walked into this massive room and there was the scale model of Hogwarts that they had done a lot of filming of, and for a “scale model” it was enormous! They were doing some repair work to some of the inner towers so I included a photo of a man working in there so you can see exactly how HUGE it was! We then stocked up on some nerdy goodies in the shop before heading back to London and finding somewhere for delicious food and scoping out Sherlock Holmes’ residence even just for a moment. That night there had been some debris on the tube tracks, so CJ and I had to walk a while to find an open tube station, but it was worth it to see Kings Cross lit up at night & see some more of the city.

On our final day we headed out to St Luke’s Mews where I was going to be photographing Amber + Tyler’s anniversary couples session! Click here to see more from that! CJ was kind enough to wait for me at a nearby cafe, and then we headed down the famous Portabello Road to check out the street market, to at least say we saw it! This day we kind of spent more relaxed, having walked and explored SO much the rest of the week, and we just kind of rounded up the last few things we wanted to see like Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace sans all of the people waiting for the changing of the guard!

The next day we boarded our flight home after an easy train ride to Gatwick, and just barely managed to make it out of Reykjavik before a big snow storm hit. This trip was incredible, and I’m so happy I got to experience it with my best friend! Cheers to going back SOON!



Yes, I must agree London has something for everyone according to your budget and taste. The Sun of Camberwell used to be my local spot for Sunday lunch and it is absolutely, hands down the best And for traveling. Great photography by the way, while reading and exploring your post it feels like that I am also traveling with you.