kissing on the forehead at kettle cove engagement session
November 7, 2017

Kettle Cove Couples Session: Viva + Matt


Kettle Cove Couples Session, Engagement Photographers Near MeVIVA + MATT

Kettle Cove Couples Session // Sweet Viva and I go so way back, having grown up and gone to the same high school and participated in musicals and plays together! She’s not only an incredible singer & musician, but such a sweet person, and when she contacted me about setting up a shoot with her lover, I was beyond excited to figure something out! We met up at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth for sunset, and holy crap what a beautiful sunset it was, made even more fire-y by the immediate and very clear connection that Viva + Matt have with one another! This session was a dream to photograph, and I had so much fun with these two, scroll on down to see all the goodies!

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