Travel Blogs: London Day 3 & Paris, France
LONDON DAY 3 & PARIS London + Paris Travel Photography // For our third day in London, we had booked a tour of the London Stadium, built during for the 2012 Olympics and now home to the West Ham United Football Club! We headed out early, and quite underestimated the size of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, but it was alright! London's done wonders with these rentable bikes, and they got us across the park in no time to our destination, with the Stadium sitting proud and the Olympic sculpture (that also houses the world's longest tunnel slide) in all of it's glory. CJ was more of a fan of some of the other football clubs, and I was cluel ...
Travel Blogs: London Days 1 & 2
LONDON DAYS 1 & 2 London Travel Photography // It's taken me a long time to finally blog about this trip, and I think it has to do with the fact that every time I look at these photos, I yearn to be back where we were. I was so lucky to be able to take a trip in February 2017 with my best friend to London, and for 3 days this week I’ll be blogging about the adventure in 2-day chunks. We arrived to London in the afternoon on Saturday, and through a long series of tube rides, made our way to East Finchley, where our amazing AirBNB was tucked away. Though we didn’t actually see much of London aside from the underground stations that we h ...
Portland Couples Session: Raven + Tom
RAVEN + TOM Portland Couples Session // Raven + Tom are two incredibly sweet souls. I've known Tom for a while now, having gone to college with him and photographing his amazing band The Restless Atlantic a few times now, and when I finally got to meet Raven recently at one of their shows, I was smitten. They were gracious enough to meet me in downtown Portland, and we had a fun time strolling around while the sun set and just trying out new things, laughing, and telling stories. Thank you so much for being so open and wonderful in front of my camera you two!
Bride and Groom kissing at the Bar of Sonny's Portland Maine during their elopement
Intimate Portland Maine Elopement: Kate + Derek
KATE + DEREK Intimate Portland Maine Elopement // There's something to be said for the love of a family, for how two people can inspire such love and admiration all around them, and it was obvious every step of the way just how very loved Kate + Derek were. We began the grey, beautiful day (with the rain holding off just perfectly) with Kate getting dressed at the Portland Press Hotel, before heading just down Exchange street to Sonny's. This was where they had their first date, and where they ended up sharing their first kiss just outside, so there was really no more perfect place for their first look on their wedding day, and for a nerv ...
Stowe & Philadelphia Engagement Session: Danielle + David
DANIELLE + DAVID Stowe, Vermont Engagement Session // When rain threatened our initial Stowe engagement session, Danielle + David were undeterred! Coming up from their home base of New Jersey to find a wedding venue in a location that meant so much to them, it of course made sense to try and get some engagement photos in at the same time! After Danielle contacted me after finding me on Instagram, I was doing sunshine dances for a week up until our session, and unfortunately none of them worked. It didn't just drizzle guys, it was pouring. We did what we could, and had fun doing it, until we ditched the umbrellas all together! These two were ...
Couple snuggling at their anniversary session in London
London Anniversary Session: Amber + Tyler
AMBER + TYLER London Anniversary Session // I was lucky enough to be able to go overseas and spend some time exploring London & Paris last month, and in the first of a few blog posts, I bring you Amber + Tyler in London! I was even luckier to digitally "meet" Amber (hooray for the Rising Tide Society!) before I left to set up a session with her & her family! It could not have come at a more perfect time, just after celebrating their 3 year anniversary, and actually taking a bit of a whirlwind weekend trip themselves. They braved the chilly weather together with their sweet daughters, and spent a morning with me in St Luke's Mews, ...
2016 Favorites: Maine Wedding Photographer
2016 was easily my best year yet, in terms of my business, my personal growth, and the direction I've taken with photography. It was a rough year for a myriad of reasons (RIP Carrie Fisher, you will always be my Princess), but it's the hardest things that define who we are and make us ready for the road ahead. Above all, through all the pain, aches, and terror in the world, love is what makes us strongest, and what will empower us to be our best selves and to help the world that we call home. In 2016 I got to photograph in so many places in Maine, I travelled to Vermont, to New Hampshire, North Carolina and all the way to Atlanta, Georgia! I ...